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Juice PLUS+® is much more than a product made up of isolated vitamins and minerals. This is because Juice PLUS+® is based on a variety of nutritious whole fruits, vegetables, and berries, which are processed extremely carefully into a highly concentrated fruit, vegetable, and berry powder.

Juice PLUS+® not only contains natural vitamins and other well-known micronutrients, it also has a wealth of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and other nutrients that are found in fresh fruit, vegetables, and berries.

Experts and health organisations around the world recommend eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Despite these recommendations, not enough fruits and vegetables are being eaten in our society. In UK less than 30 % of the adult population meets the recommendation of five portions a day.
We now know that fruits and vegetables are much more than the sum of the isolated nutrients, such as those found in commercial multivitamin products, for example. The versatile benefits of fruits and vegetables have long been highlighted and documented in a wide variety of scientific papers. They provide a large amount of valuable nutrients such as phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

The nutrients in Juice PLUS+® work together to produce a nutrient synergy effect, complementing each other perfectly. They therefore contribute to good health. An abundance of scientific studies have been able to confirm that Juice PLUS+® provides a multiplicity of valuable nutrients that can be easily absorbed and used by the body.

Quality is of particular importance for a plant-based product. In order to convince customers of their high quality, the Juice PLUS+® capsules are independently tested:
Inspectors from SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS carry out on-site checks to see whether professional and comprehensive quality management can be demonstrated during the production, encapsulation, and final assembly of the Juice PLUS+® powder.
The fill quantities of the capsules are also inspected, among others.

All disclosed ingredients are checked to see whether they are included in the amounts indicated.
Regular tests for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbiological contaminants such as bacteria and fungi, among others, are also an integral part of the test process.


Essential components of the regular quality controls are:


  • Inspection of the final product - independent inspection of the quality assurance performed by Juice Plus+®
  • Testing the capsules’ fill quantities
  • Sensory, microbiological, chemical, and physical tests
  • Testing the declared ingredients
  • Testing to make sure there are no residues and contaminants (including aflatoxins, preservatives, pesticides and heavy metals)
  • Intensive annual testing of the production sites around the world

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