Costs and Schedule

Our standardized pricing model for awarding the INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal consists of the following positions:

1. Audit costs per year: are calculated for the annual examination / audit of the manufacturing factory / factories or operating site(s). For a (first) detailed calculation we need from you:

  • number of the production facilities / operating sites
  • number of production lines per operating site
  • number of employees per operating site including information about shift system per operating site, if applicable

2. Analyses costs per year: they are due for all tests that are carried out at our laboratories. For a first, approximate calculation of costs and a combination of test parameters we need the following at the beginning of our collaboration:

  • information about the declaration as well as to the composition of the products(s)
  • information about extra claims and/or information regarding product specific claiming
  • a list of your existing quality assurance measures (internal and external) with information about test parameters and test frequencies per year for raw materials / ingredients as well as the final product

3. License fee per year: due for using our quality seal (per product category). It depends on the number of products that carry the quality seal as well as the contract period

4. Additional preliminary costs:
Already prior to signing the contract we carry out an approval test (analysis) of the products as well as a risk analysis at the manufacturing facility (appraisal, audit). Our experts define the parameters to be analyzed within the scope of suitable analysis and according to the product composition and then will submit an individual offer.

The costs incurred, that is audit (1) and analysis costs (2) are to be paid by the manufacturer. Once the contract is signed those costs will be completely credited against the first year of license use. There is no license fee prior to signing the contract.

You cannot determine the exact costs for your product from this information? It is impossible to list an all-inclusive price here because your product is unique, production processes take place in many different ways and companies may have one or even several manufacturing sites. Audit and analysis costs will be charged depending on operating expense.

We gladly submit an individual offer for your product. Please use our contact form or give us a call. Schedule
Often we are asked how long it takes for the awarding of our quality seal to take place. Of course it always depends on the company itself. Internal approval processes sometimes are fast; however, sometimes the awarding process can be delayed. You can download the schedule here, so you know what to expect within the bounds of possibility.

Schedule for awarding the quality seal

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