One Quality Seal, Three Possibilities

Make use of our quality seal’s flexibility concerning product specific claims. You have various options: Either you choose to present our quality seal with or without quality seal banner on your product or you use it as an added value to your own manufacturer’s seal.

Claiming individual product benefits and specifications is possible - provided that they correspond with actual values. Of course, this is independently and neutrally examined by us.

Market research studies on our part and by our customers identified the INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal as being particularly qualified for products that want to generally increase their high quality standard and/or want to document a performance that is superior to their competitors’ achievements as well as certain brand values, such as naturalness, health, orientation by nature, appealing quality, purity and/or product safety that they would like to point out specifically.

The advantages of all three variations:

  • They comprehensively influence the brand value
  • They work very well for the brand personality
  • They strengthen the brand and increase purchase impulses
  • They possess an excellent emotional acceptance on the part of the consumer
  • They have clear strengths in communication, credibility, relevance and superiority
  • They contribute to achieving relevant brand differentiation

Primarily consumers look for an answer to the "What" and "How" – that is, information on the test criteria, what is tested, and how quality and product safety are tested. They also expect that the tests do not end with the awarding of the quality seal. Transparency and neutrality of the license grantor are very important for the credibility.

That's why we recommend our quality seal with a seal banner, because it emphasizes the consumer-oriented quality guarantee of the manufacturer in a credible and special way by highlighting the unique competitive product features.

Three variations

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