What consumers expect

From our own studies we know that quality seals play a well-established role in the consciousness of the consumers. In general seals are looked at as being useful. They help us in everyday life and give us an overview of the overwhelming range of products. Important topics are the production process, the wide range of ingredients materials, the raw materials and their origin, regionality, controlled / ecological farming and environmental aspects, such as environmentally friendly and sustainable production.

Consumers in particular wish for information which they can rely on at any time – thoroughly and transparent. Primarily they are looking for an answer to the "what" and "how", that is information regarding test criteria, what is tested, and how quality and product safety are actually tested. They also expect that the tests do not end with the awarding of the quality seal.

The transparency and neutrality of the quality seal grantor is important in terms of credibility. Consumers definitely know that a number of testing institutes merely submit products to one single series of tests. They realize that the same products are diametrically assessed by different testers. In this regard they question the value of these quality seals. At the same time, they want to know whether they can trust the product in the long run once the tests are completed and the quality seals have been awarded.

Our experts developed a wholistic test approach for the INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal. This approach substantially distinguishes itself by means of the manufacturer’s transparency and regular tests. Tests are comprehensive, overall multi-batch and regular. All tests are performed neutrally and independently. The test criteria even exceed in part the requirements demanded by legislation.

Regarding the reliability of quality seals, the sustainability of tests is very important to the consumer. To us, sustainability means that even after the quality seal was awarded, unannounced and concealed product purchases take place. Production, packaging and the finished product are thoroughly tested. All these measures make sure that consumers can count on the INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal at any time.

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