Advantages & Benefits

Institut Fresenius Qualitätssiegel Add a good feeling to your product

With our quality seal you can give your customer an additional good feeling. It’s a feeling that emerges because your customer knows that you submit your product to severe and comprehensive tests beyond the usual checks. That is more than he can expect.

We offer examinations which range from distinct proof of origin and cultivation methods, ingredients materials and additives up to recyclable packaging. That includes a sustainable analysis and test cycle too.

Increase your market shares and turnover

Together with us you establish conditions that enable you to increase your market shares and turnovers. The INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal tells your customer that product claims are more than just fleeting advertising slogans and that his need for openness, transparency and clarity is satisfied. Those factors have a substantial influence in terms of your customer’s purchase decision.

Strengthen your product and brand image

A safe production influences your brand image in a positive way. Our regular tests immediately identify potential weak spots and help to ensure a smooth production process. That way you avoid displeasing disturbances in the production process, costly product recalls, high warranty claims and supply difficulties. Scandals and image loss can directly be prevented.

Improve your economic efficiency

Our quality seal improves your internal quality management processes and reduces possible risks with sustainable effect. Apart from specific tests, our neutral and independent examiners complement your internal quality management, assess production processes and contribute to improved planning and utilization in the long term. In other words, the benefits included in the quality seal process go way beyond the direct advantage of the quality seal.

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