With our quality seal you create conditions that enable you to increase your market share and turnovers, as the INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal is particularly suited to differentiate your products from those of your competitors.

Despite high demands and a stringent approach, we look at our cooperation with you, the manufacturer, in terms of a "partnership". Openness and transparency are of great importance all the way through and everywhere. Of course your internal information will always be treated absolutely confidential. Fair collaboration also includes external communication. We are convinced that together we can achieve better results by cooperating in an optimized, closely coordinated yet flexible way.

Improving the promoting of our INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal is part of this partnership too. We support your efforts to communicate with the consumer – by means of the quality seal on your product packaging as well as other forms of media. By doing so you can fully utilize the potential of the INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal brand to your advantage.