Awarding Criteria & Testing Process

You will be awarded our INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal only after intensive tests during which your product has to meet selected quality criteria. At this we proceed with a clearly specified awarding and testing process.

Awarding Process and Single Steps:

Institut Fresenius Quality Seal

The testing process

Over and above our standard tests, together we also define the catalogue of specific qualities and criteria that your product must fulfill. From these criteria result the test methods and the scope of testing. The primary test, examination of marketability and specific product features are binding and established in the quality seal contract.

Awarding Process – Single Steps:

  1. You are interested in the INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal concerning one or more of your products.
  2. We will sign a non disclosure agreement.
  3. You deliver concrete information on the composition / recipe/ formulation of the products that are considered for the quality seal.
  4. We carry out an appraisal of your production plant.
  5. We combine all your internal as well as external quality assurance measures and develop a risk profile for your product(s).
  6. We submit an offer for a license of the INSTITUT FRESENIUS Quality Seal (costs for license fee, routine analysis and audits per year).
  7. We perform a comprehensive primary test including raw materials and ingredients, packaging etc. within the scope of product testing and product approval.
  8. Once the tests have been successfully passed we will sign a license contract, defining a specific contract period that allows you to use our quality seal.

Once the quality seal was awarded, our job continues: Our SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS examiners regularly inspect your manufacturing sites along the value chain and whether the products comply with the predefined quality test plans. In part this happens by scheduled appointment, sometimes, however, unannounced and unexpectedly. Mystery shopping makes sure that the samples are really selected incidentally.

Should there be variances of agreed standards or any objections, you will be informed immediately by our examiners and experts. Together we will discuss corrective measures.

If immediate measures do not work out, we reserve the right to withdraw the quality seal. This procedure makes sure that consumers can always count on your quality promise and our quality seal.

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